Liquid Biopsy – new bloodtest locates eight types of cancer

microscopic foto of cancer cell

Scientists of Johns Hopkins University discover possible milestone in cancer research

Just a single blood sample is necessary to detect cancer cells in the patients blood. Sounds too good to be real, but that is exactly what could be possible in the future.
Liquid biopsy is the name of the futuristic method, which allows to identify eight different types of cancer cells in an early stage. Therefore painfull tests could be the past as a big advantage for the patients. People already cured from cancer could react much quicker with frequent blood checks wheater they lean to a possible relapse or not.

Toumors leave marks in blood

The toumors leave certain marks either directly in the blood or in their genetic part. The liquid biopsy test is able to detect and relate these marks to one of the eight types. Allthough the signs are really small specialised methods for analysis have been evolved to analyse even tiny evidence.

Types detectable by the new test are:  breast cancer, bowel cancer, lung cancer, ovary-, liver-, stomach-, pancreatic- and esophageal cancer.

To apply the new method in daylie routine, further studies are necessary to validate the process. But in total, the new gained scientific findings are promising.