Molecular diagnostics

Test tube pipette dna

About Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics enables a direct proof of DNA or RNA of an agent. With the discovery of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) a basis for Molecular diagnostics was established and made it possible to diagnose infections earlier and more specific.

Leading companies specialized in this medical sector and produced products, which revolutionized the molecular diagnostics to fight viruses or bacteria.

Molecular testing and specific analysis offer a personal treatment . Thus it offers a useful range of medical specialism, including oncology or infectious diseases.These fields overlap a lot with Clinical Chemistry testing.
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Product spectrum

From reagents to consumables over controls we can supply a variety fitting your needs. Here are a few examples to give a little insight about our product spectrum for molecular diagnostic:

ACTH / HCG-Beta / HIV / IGG / Insulin / PAPP-A / Progesteron / PSA / Vit D. To get more product specific information or if you have any questions or wishes just contact us.