Diabetes and harnanalysis

Diabetes test on finger with diabetes test strip


Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases. The most common forms of Diabetes mellitus are type 1 & type 2. The affected amount of people with type 2 in 2013 was 8,3% of the world population, which shows the relevance of Research & Development in this area.

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Harnanalysis is not only important for laboratories. With teststrips you can perform quick- tests at home. Prove the pregnancy hormon HCG in your harn as well as glucose, red blood cells or protein.

It is a first indicator to easily collect general data about the human body. With their prework the clinical treatment is way more effective.

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Product spectrum

MTSS sells testkits, consumables. accessory and more for Diabetes & Harnanalysis section. To have an example we supply: Microalbumin and HbA1c.
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