Conductive Tips


Robotic Pipette Tips

With blackKnights – the conductive robotic tips even small volumes can be dosed with high precision and without contamination. The conductivity enables the system to recognize the filling height and will guarantee a minimal immersion of the tip into the liquid, in order to assure a save pipetting and dispensing. MagNA Pure is a registered trademark of Roche. Microlab Star, Nimbus and Vantage are registered trademarks of Hamilton AG.

Robotic tips for Hamilton Microlab Star™, Nimbus® and Vantage™

blackKnights are produced under cleanroom conditions and tested from independent laboratories to be free of DNase, RNase, ATP and pyrogens.

Robotic Tips Type Qiagen

Type “Qiagen” is compatible with the following robotic instruments:

Abbott Diagnostic: en4lisa | DiaSorin: ETI-Max 3000 | Qiagen: Biorobot 3000, 8000, 9600, 9604 | bioMérieux: DaVinci | Diffchamb: T4U | Biorobot universal | Bio-Rad: Evolis | Euroimmun: Euroimmun Analyzer | Stratec: Gemini | Biotest: QuickStep | Grifols: Triturus | Virion\Serion: Immunomat TWINsystem | Dade Behring (Siemens): BEP 2000 Advance | Human: Elisys Quattro. Qiagen is a registered trademark of Qiagen GmbH.

Robotic Tips Type Tecan

Type “Tecan” is compatible with the following robotic instruments:

Tecan: Genesis, Freedom EVO, MiniPrep, Cavro | Qiagen/Corbett: CAS 1200/4200/4800, QIAgility | Perkin Elmer (Packard): Multiprobe II, Janus.
Minimum order quantity: 100.000 pieces. Tecan is a registered trademark of Tecan AG

Robotic tips for Freedom EVO® and Fluent® workstations