Point of care (POC)

Nurse cares for patient (poc)

Revolutionizing POC

Patient- side quickdiagnostic increased it´s relevance enormously in the last few years. It´s essential for emergency medical treatment to get a quick overview of the patient. Even minutes are important to safe the patients life. Point of Care (PoC) is operated not only in emergency medical aid. Also in hospitals and pharmacies Point of Care testing has a big share of daily treatment.

Product spectrum

With Point of care testing (PoC-T)  there´s no need to send samples to laboratories anymore. It enables directly results in minutes with an easy handling. We supply all established assays from leading firms, available on the market.

Examples of available assays are: Diverse Electrodes / Teststrips for:  Bilirubin / CK / GGT / Glucose / Hemoglobin / Potassium / Urea /
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