Neuro Vascular – Strokes

human sceleton and brain

The teaching of stroke Treatment

A stroke often in combination with Neuro Vascular topics, is a disease affecting the blood circuit and travels up the brain. The strokes symptoms are numbness, weakness, vision changes and speech impairment.

If Human arteries, who are carrying oxygen and nutrients to the brain is either blocked by a blood clot, we occur an ischemic stroke, or if the clot bursts – a hemorrhagic stroke. In case of a stroke the brain suffers from an unsufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients in the blood.

Through the leading symptoms a stroke is often noticeable and if medical aid follows quick, chances are good that the damage for the brain is rather minor.

Stroke care

Hospitals often have their own stroke care teams, who are specialised on quick reactions combined with good timing in case of a stroke patient. For the more complex tasks a neurologist is involved.

The vascular neurologist gets through an extra training and expertise in stroke care, treatment and prevention. Through new diagnostic techniques and more effektive treatments today there is a higher possibility for the medical sector to diagnose, treat and prevent strokes.

Hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes

Medicine differs strokes in Hemorrhagic and Ischemic strokes. Different methods are applied to react on the different types. While the hemorrhagic strokes illustrates a weakened or damaged blood vessel and leads to a leak where blood enters the brain tissue, the Ischemic stroke assigns a blocked blood vessell supplying blood to the brain.

One of the treatments for ischemic stroke is the tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), which is indicated directly into the bloodstream. The tPA will dissolve the blood clot and improve the blood flow to the brain. Long term damage and disability can be prevented by this method. Some patients are not suitable for the treatment because tPA is a strong blood thinner. For them the endovascular alternative treatment is the mechanical thrombectomy. The blood clot is removed by sending a stent retriever next to the blocked vessel in the brain.

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